The music room

From a background of having taught at schools (such as The National School of the Arts in Johannesburg) for many years, he has opened his own music studio in the heart of Parklands, Cape Town. He has found, that especially in today’s life, there is a need for conveying and educating the treasures of music in a comfortable surrounding. Not only how to play an instrument, but experience the beauty of music and exploring the rich history.

Individual instrument tuition is available at a relaxed, non-intrusive environment which will guarantee 100% individual attention. Lessons can be given in piano, flute, recorder, fife and piccolo. 

Preparation for external examinations, e.g. Trinity, Royal Schools and UNISA are available as well participation in eisteddfods or any competitions, should a student feel ready or wanting to feel challenged. 

If you’re an adult, and always wanted to learn an instrument or learn about the construction of music or just exploring the world of music at your own pace, now is the time.

If you feel your child is over-whelmed at school, not wanting him/she to miss any classes, because their lessons are in school time, or having uninterrupted lessons at your convenience and time, this is for you.

Theoretical subjects, such as music theory, harmony and counterpoint, are given in groups. The groups are kept small as to ensure individual attention.

Music history and appreciation classes are designed to suit the students’ needs and will be planned according to the numbers in a group. The different styles of music can be discussed with audio/visual/practical examples.

Contact Thomas today for a free lesson or to discuss your options and fees.