Music plays a very important role at your wedding as it is the soundtrack to your special day or moment. Music should be chosen to reflect your style and personality.

The music that can be played ranges from classical to contemporary to jazz.

Depending on the venue, style and size of the wedding, I can play acoustic or electric (with or without amplification). I do have my own PA system and electric equipment should you need the music to be amplified. 

Here are some options to think about (but all can be changed to suit your wedding):

Option 1: The ceremony

This option, usually lasting an hour, includes;

  • 20 minutes of pre-ceremonial music to set the mood as the guests arrive, 
  • Entrance song/march for (the wedding march, or any other requested song) for the bride and bridesmaids, 
  • any other music that is requested during the ceremony (e.g. exchanging of rings etc.)
  • post-ceremonial music (“exit” music) for you and your guests leaving the ceremonial site.

Option 2: The ceremony and “cocktail hour” (where the couple is off taking their photos)

This option usually lasts for 2 hours. 

  • ceremony music
  • background music while guests are mingling and waiting to enter the reception venue and the couple is off taking their photos. 
Option 3: The ceremony, “cocktail hour” and reception. 
  • The ceremony music
  • Playing music during “cocktail hour”
  • Mix of live (performing) music with pre-recorded music. 
  • Recommending a DJ for reception.

Please note all of these options are merely guidelines, contact me for a consultation to discuss your needs. 


Functions & events

Aside from playing for weddings, Thomas is available for private functions at your home or at other venues, and corporate events. 

As each event is unique, your quotation will be according to the client’s requirements.

Here are some tips to think about when booking or enquiring: 

  • Will the event be indoors or outdoors, and keeping in mind the size of the venue
  • Audio equipment – is it needed?
  • What the lighting will be like? Will lighting be good enough for musicians to see or would they need to bring extra lighting, if they need
  • What styles (repertoire) of music should be played
  • The nature of the performance: being it background music, or a solo performance (with or without a PA system)
  • Different instruments (such as a piano, harp, cello or violin) are available should you wish for more musicians